The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus

Nottingham's first civic college was opened in the city centre in 1881, four years after the foundation stone was laid by former prime minister, W E Gladstone. This achievement was made possible by an anonymous benefactor who had offered £10,000 for a college on condition that a suitable building be erected by the Council and that the college should be endowed with £4,000 a year.

After the First World War, the college expanded rapidly and outgrew its original building. In 1928 the College moved to what is now the main campus, University Park. Initially, it was accommodated in the elegant Trent Building, with its distinctive tower, and was officially opened by King George V in November of that year. An endowment fund was set up to support the further development of the site and to provide new courses and scholarships.

Even in its early days on this site, the College attracted high profile visiting lecturers including Professor Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and H G Wells.

In 1948, the college was awarded the Royal Charter, becoming The University of Nottingham and now able to confer degrees in its own name.

Since then, the University has continued to grow. The Medical School, the first to be established in the 20th century, opened in 1970 and, in 1995, the School of Nursing was formed following the merger of the Mid-Trent College of Nursing and Midwifery.

The £50 million Jubilee Campus development opened in 1999 and subsequently the prestigious National College for School Leadership has been co-located on the campus.

Recent developments have been even more ambitious, with an overseas campuses in Malaysia and China.


We rank in the top ten of UK universities in most tables

We have excellent facilities and student support services

We have a high reputation with graduate employers.


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